Make the most of your visit to The Village…

We know it’s work to plan a vacation. Your time is valuable and we want you to have an amazing experience with a personalized itinerary planned by some of our awesome team members.

Whether you’re on a schedule and just have a few hours or have the whole day, we’ve put together itineraries from romantic getaways to family outings and more. Enjoy a truly one-of-a-kind experience at The Village!


Family Outing

Whether you live around the corner or around the world, your family will thank you for a fun afternoon exploring The Village. (Approximately 4 hours)

  • Hike the trails to the 'Hippie Tree'
  • Grab Wraps to go from Cuppa Joe or a famous Cherry Pecan Salad Sandwich and other local favorites from Underground Cheesecake Company and enjoy a picnic on the Historic Front Lawn
  • Challenge the family in a friendly game of Bocce Ball (one of our favorite pastimes) on the Piazza.

Ladies Day Out

Time to grab your gal pals and visit The Village for a fun day spoiling yourselves at The Village. (Approximately 8 hours)

History Seeker

It's not a secret that The Village is brimming with rich history. It is the foundation upon which we are built. Spend the afternoon soaking it in. (Approximately 4 hours)

  • Join us on a 2 hour tour exploring what was once known as Traverse City State Hospital and before that Northern Michigan Asylum.
  • Visit B50 The Village Store to see some historic artifacts or purchase a book about the former Asylum.
  • Explore the Historic Arboretum on our Front Lawn by discovering over 30 rare species of trees and by clicking here.
  • Drive less than a mile to visit the Historic Barns Park.

Romance Weekend

Enjoy a staycation or vacation with your sweetie and visit some of our favorite places! 

Casual Foodie

Perfect day for the casual foodie in us all! 

Gourmet Foodie

For the gourmet foodie lover and the passionate refined palate. 

  • Begin with a delectable lunch at Trattoria Stella, where the menu changes daily 
  • Head over to Earthen Ales for one of their signature microbrews
  • After a stroll around the Village, head to Ballaro Wine Bar for pre-dinner drinks and small plates
  • Cap the day off with a gourmet dinner at Pepe Nero