For the month of July we will be reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s widely popular book Eating Animals. A book that has become so influential and praised that it was recently turned into a documentary produced by Natalie Portman.

Eating Animals premise is simple, a look into what eating animals means in today’s industrial animal practices and the author’s journey through this exploration.

Often eye-opening and intense, it’s a look into how our farming and eating practices have evolved and asking questions along the way. What is reasonable? Is it acceptable to support such practices? As usual with a topic like this, the questions often lead to deeper moral and philosophical topics which the author dives head first into.

As a reminder you can join in our book club having read all, some or none of the book. We always like to see new faces and hope that by coming to one, you’ll be inspired to join us regularly!


Jul 3

6PM — 7PM


Table Health
818 Red Drive