Building 50 – First building constructed on campus

Main largest building on campus.  A quarter of a mile long.  Construction began in April 1883 with first patients admitted in 1885. Great attention was paid to ensure that all portions of the building would receive a direct supply of light, sunshine, and exposure to the outer air at all times, thus allowing no enclosed courts, skylights, or interior rooms.
The center of Building 50, referred to as the “administration building” was comprised of the general medical offices, Medical Superintendent’s office, dining rooms, two reception rooms, and living quarters for the medical staff, Medical Superintendent, and Director of Nursing. In the basement was the dispensary, kitchen, and rooms for the storekeeper and his goods.
The center “administration building” was demolished in 1963 and the Center structure you see here today was built in its place. The administrative functions formerly housed in the Center or “Administrative Section” of Building 50 were moved to a new Administration Building and “The New Center” of Building 50 was utilized for offices, a canteen, a lounge, a patient’s emporium, and the Nursing Education Department.
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