Laundry Facilities

The first asylum laundry was a part of the “shop building” constructed in 1882-1886 that was located behind the Chapel Building (Building 50). In 1896, a new Laundry Building was constructed and located at the rear of the Shop Buildings. It was then practically destroyed by fire on November 7th, 1917 and much of the new machinery was badly damaged and had to be replaced. The source of the fire was never determined and a fire-proof building was built to replace it. The previous laundry building was demolished in the 1940’s. The Left Foot Charley and Higher Grounds Building, built in 1956, once housed the laundry facilities for the entire TCSH campus.
Note the pulleys and belts in the photo that were necessary to drive the machines in the original laundry building.
Across the way, we're heading back towards the start.

Building 50 again, but a different part.

We know it as Kirkbride Hall, but once it was not.

On the back of the building, you'll find the next spot.

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