The celebration of Traverse City’s beloved bovine Colantha will again be held in Historic Barns Park, where Colantha herself spent her days.

Please join us for Colantha’s Garden Celebration at Historic Barns Park on Sunday, August 11th, from 12:00pm-4:00pm and enjoy an afternoon of family fun — it’s free!

Attendees can look forward to:
Food Trucks
Wagon Rides
Live Music
Craft Fair
Cake Walk
Barn and Garden tours
Gardening and farming demonstrations
Children’s Activities
… and more!

Please visit to learn more about the event and reserve your free tickets!

About Traverse Colantha Walker:

Ordinary cows simply don’t have their own celebration. However, Traverse Colantha Walker was no ordinary cow.

Colantha was one of 96 Holstein-Friesian cows in a herd belonging to Traverse City State Hospital. The hospital was in operation from 1884 to 1989, running as a self-sustainable facility with crops and livestock tended by hospital staff and patients.

Colantha put Traverse City on the map in 1926 when she produced 22,918 pounds of milk in a single year, making her the highest producer in the world. By comparison, the state average was only 3,918 pounds of milk per cow in a single year. The beloved bovine’s legacy didn’t end there; over the course of her lifetime, her total production was a remarkable 200,114.9 pounds of milk.

Upon Colantha’s death in 1932, a banquet was held in her honor and a memorial headstone was placed at her gravesite. The Master Plan for The Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park includes a garden in Colantha’s honor with her favorite flowers – buttercups and milkweed.


Aug 11

12PM — 4PM


The Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park
1490 Red Drive

The Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park