Let’s toast to art in the making. 2 reasons: my novel and the family vineyard. My 2nd edition of “Eastbound, I Think” fiction novel is complete. Come pick up a copy and I will personally sign it for you or as a gift. Ideal for summer reading! What is it about? It is a coming of age story set in Spain/Portugal. Think 🚂 train travel, being in your 20’s, and discovering your first life experiences.
🍷 Warren’s family turned their cherry farm into a vineyard and the soil and grapes are getting along quite beautifully. Their first batch of Blaufrakish grapes won the Jefferson Cup and was featured in the Wall Street Journal!
Come try their new crop of wines. It is still a mystery, the vintners will let us know soon what they have created.


May 15

5PM — 8PM


Left Foot Charley Winery
806 Red Drive #100