The Minervini Group

The Minervini Group is a local team assembled by Traverse City area resident and respected historic renovator & builder Ray Minervini. Our purpose is to pursue the successful “resurrection” of the historic architectural treasures on the 63-acre campus of the Grand Traverse Commons.

A Brief History

Starting in July of 2000, Ray Minervini and The Minervini Group team began negotiating with the Grand Traverse Commons Redevelopment Corporation, stewards of the Commons property. Their objective was to secure a Redevelopment Agreement to renovate the historic buildings in a way consistent with the city’s District Plan. After several months of negotiations, and with intensified public support, the Commons Board voted to approve The Minervini Group proposal at a crowded special meeting on April 26, 2001.

On June 19, 2000 the official Redevelopment Agreement was signed, initiating a 12-month “Due Diligence” period for The Minervini Group.  This period was essentially a time the group conducted a broad range of feasibility studies, including engineering, architectural, marketing and environmental analysis for review and approval by the Commons Board, the City Manager of Traverse City, and state and federal agencies.

On May 6, 2002, The Minervini Group acquired the Sub-Area 2 property.  Immediately after acquisition of the property, work began to re-roof the quarter-mile long roof of Building 50, the Chapel and two cottages, with completion nearly 11 months ahead of schedule.
The rest, shall we say, is history. The Minervini Group invites you to see, firsthand, the amazing transformation that has taken place since that eventful day in May.  Please contact us for additional information, and explore the exciting opportunities that await you in The Village.

“If we rebuild it, they will come.”

About MAM Contracting

The MAM Contracting Crew is an amazing team of renovation experts, who have brought several of the Village Campus buildings back to life. It takes a great deal of “Outside the Box” thinking to transform a former asylum into the vibrant collection of homes and businesses that The Village is today. Imagine the metamorphosis from a laundry facility to a split-use coffee roastery and winery; a vegetable peeling building to a cheesecake shop; an old firehouse to a brick oven bakery. The possibilities are endless when the MAM Crew is on the job…breathing new life into these historic structures.