The Artists in Residence at Cordia

The Members of Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons will enjoy an abundance of amenities living on site. Among those includes easy accessibility and classroom instruction from three local ‘Artists in Residence.’ Mary Kay Burbee, Mark Meyer and Shanny Schmidt were recently selected from a group of talented applicants to be the 2015 Artists in Residence within Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMary Kay Burbee is an experienced mixed-media artist with works ranging from drawing and painting to handmade jewelry. She has taught classes before and looks forward to the opportunity to do so again for the residents at Cordia.

“My students teach me as much as I teach them,” reflects Mary Kay, “I’m excited to teach and inspire the members at Cordia and their influence will motivate me to refresh and renew my work.” 

Each Artist in Residence will teach a number of organized classes to the Members at Cordia. In addition the artists will have open studio space of their own, where residents can stop in for inspiration or ask for help and advice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMark Meyer is an Architect by trade and though he’s only been painting for 2 years his incredible talents are evident. Mark’s early years as an architect included drafting by hand, so perspective has long been an interest of his and he expects it to be an emphasis of one of the classes he’ll teach. For the last two years Mark continues to work as an architect by day and paints in his Dining Room on days off.

“I’m looking forward to the studio space,” says Mark, “I hoping to teach a few classes on shapes and shading, perspective and even painting outdoors to take advantage of our perfect setting.”

Members will certainly influence the types of classes that are taught based on interest and technique, but the three Artists in Residence have already begun brainstorming the types of classes they’d like to teach.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShanny Schmidt’s most well-known work captures the character and personalities of “man’s best friend.” Her pet portraits are unique and fun, and she’s been painting people lately too. Shanny is excited for the opportunity to teach a self-portrait class among others with the members of Cordia.

“The first thing I do is paint the eyes,” says Shanny, “its the key to showing the personality of your subject.”

Find more information about Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons here!


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The Village at Grand Traverse Commons is considered home to many interesting people. Their unique experiences & living spaces help tell the story of what makes the Village a community…

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The Village at Grand Traverse Commons is considered home to many interesting people. Their unique experiences & living spaces help tell the story of what makes the Village a community…

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