Dr. Liz Bruning & Dr. Tom Borgeld

When struggling emotionally, people often seek the solace of confiding in someone for help and advice. There is a huge relief in finding a trustworthy person to help navigate those difficult times. Dr. Tom Borgeld & Dr. Liz Bruning are psychologists with separate private practices emphasizing cognitive behavioral therapy in a shared space at Building 61. They believe in creating a comfortable and safe environment where clients can share their thoughts in confidence. Read more

40 Before

Site Update: Environmental Remediation

Historic Preservation in itself is a worthy challenge. Quite often, the act of preservation includes more than solely renovating the brick and mortar structure. As we continue to learn more about humanity’s effects on the environment, we must also clean up and preserve the site’s environmental integrity. Read more

Tasting Room

Left Foot Charley: Bryan Ulbrich

“Michigan can be found on the short list of the finest white wine in the country” reflects Bryan Ulbrich, the owner of Left Foot Charley. The climatic conditions required to make a great white wine are very specific which is why the great white regions of the world are far outnumbered by the red. The perfect required climate may be hard to find, but lucky for us, Northern Michigan has it. Read more

Chandra_Orchestrated Grace

Chandra Wheeler of Orchestrated Grace

Planning an event is like orchestrating a symphony. Chaos will likely ensue if all the musicians try to play without direction, but when each musician plays their part, every tone adds greater depth to the whole experience, just like a well-planned and organized event. From flowers and linens to music and photography there is intention behind every element. It’s these organized details that truly make a successful event. Chandra Wheeler, owner of Orchestrated Grace, loves the little details. As an event planner and photographer she finds the personal touches are what sets the event apart. Read more

Common Counsel2

Susan Kopka of Common Counsel

The world around us is always changing and we in turn are ever evolving, but there are periods in our life of distinct transition, a stage of metamorphosis when we often crave and seek guidance. Susan Kopka of Common Counsel focuses her practice on this type of clientele. When you consider the comparison, adolescents and elderly seniors are going through a similar period of transformation; a transition from dependence to independence, and then the struggle of accepting its reversal later in life. Read more


The Lineup: March 5-8, 2014

‘The Lineup’ is a new series meant to keep you in the loop about an upcoming weekend that is simply JAM PACKED full of fun activities and events at The Village. Whether you attend one or many of the events listed in ‘The Lineup” we’d love to have you join us. If you’re looking for something fun to do, look no further..

Read more

The Latte Process

Sandi Daley of Cuppa Joe

The comfort of a simple warm cup of coffee is something far greater than we often give it credit for. Sandi Daley, the owner of Cuppa Joe in Traverse City not only juggles her three different locations, but continues to be heavily involved in the community, helping those in need & inspiring creative expression. Read more

North Coast Legal

Doug Shepherd of North Coast Legal

There are various professions, including lawyers and car salesmen, which tend to attract negative stereotypes. The good news is, not every person you meet will fit these generalized personality traits. Doug Shepherd, owner of North Coast Legal is one of those people that choose to break the mold and step outside the stereotype placed on his profession.  Doug believes that it is this “mold-breaking” approach that will bring him success and differentiate him from others. Read more