Red Drive

Red Drive is Back!

When the gravel streets of the Traverse City State Hospital were first given their name, careful thought was put into who would be navigating these roads. Its our understanding that literacy was the factor under consideration, and with a wide range of education levels the streets were given the names of colors with a corresponding colored sign. Read more


The History behind Kirkbride Hall

The newly restored Kirkbride Hall is brimming with rich history in both place and name. The structure was originally built between 1883 and 1885 as the Chapel of the former Northern Michigan Asylum. The central Chapel Building, occasionally referred to as a Lecture Room, is characteristic of a Kirkbride Asylum, or those based on a standardized design and construction for mental health treatment known as the Kirkbride Plan. This concept originated with Pennsylvania physician Thomas Story Kirkbride in the mid-19th century.  As a pioneer of the moral treatment of the mentally ill, Dr. Kirkbride intended for these grand structures to be the ideal sanctuary for the mentally ill and act as a participant in their recovery. Read more


Traverse Symphony Orchestra: July 19th 2014

Close your eyes and imagine the resonant sound of the symphony. The historic front lawn is vibrant with activity and musicians play under a spectacular structure akin to an ethereal amphitheater. The laughter & conversation with friends adds another element of music to your ears and the comforts of the setting bring the beautiful peninsulas close enough to touch. Read more


Faces & Spaces: Christine Krzyszton

The Village at Grand Traverse Commons is considered home to many interesting people. Their unique experiences & living spaces help tell the story of what makes the Village a community…

Walking through the doorway into Christine Krzyszton’s living room, you’ll take notice of the bold and bright colors, beaming from the abstract paintings that adorn every wall. Christine, among many things, is an Artist and her work can be characterized by the cheerful primary colors she paints with; reminiscent of youthful energy & the happiness of childhood. “My place is full of my art in every corner,” says Christine, “Each piece was created in this room.” Read more


Announcing Kirkbride Hall

Kirkbride Hall is the newly debuted event space at The Village at Grand Traverse Commons. Located at the heart of Building 50, the recently restored Kirkbride Hall was the original Chapel of the Traverse City State Hospital built in 1885. The 30 ft ceilings and 2,600 sq ft make for a gorgeous event space that will host a wide array of social and corporate gatherings, non-profit events and even act as an entertainment venue. The multi-function event space is targeted to preserve it’s historic function as the heart of the local community.

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Traverse City Wine & Art Festival 2014

This weekend marks the sixth annual Traverse City Wine & Art Festival on our  Historic Front Lawn. The Village at Grand Traverse Commons has played host to the festival since its inception in 2009. The event celebrates the incredible wine produced in Northern Michigan accompanied by beautiful original artwork, live music and local food. Read more

Colantha Walker (2)

The Fifth Annual Traverse ‘Colantha’ Walker Dairy Festival

Of the 96 Holstein-Friesian cows that comprised the former Traverse City State Hospital’s herd, Traverse ‘Colantha’ Walker was by far the most prolific. In 1926, she produced 22,918 pounds of milk in a single year, making her the highest producer in the world! According to a Federal census during that same year, the State average production was only 3,918 lbs. of milk per cow per year! In her lifetime, from 1916 to 1932, her total production was 200,114.9 pounds of milk and 7525 pounds of butterfat.

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The Village Gardens: Spring Clean up 2014

It’s that time of year again. The days when you can step outside without winter jackets and mittens, see leaves on the trees and budding flowers in the garden. The Village at Grand Traverse Commons is surrounded by acres of preserved parkland and filled with beautiful gardens and outdoor gathering spaces. The residents that make up The Village Garden Group are committed “to restore and maintain the beauty of the gardens at The Village at Grand Traverse Commons for all to enjoy.” Read more


Joice Salon: Melinda Lombardi

It’s time to rejoice in relaxation and natural beauty. Melinda Lombardi, owner of Joice Salon offers a private setting for consultation, beauty treatments and hair care. Her offerings interest both men and women. While the unique makeup line may appeal to most women specifically, Melinda is a trained barber and offers great haircuts and after shave clean-ups with a complimentary steam towel for men.   Read more