Liana’s Boutique

Darla Stites, owner of ‘What to Wear’ in Downtown Traverse City has opened a new boutique called Liana’s in the Mercato of Building 50 catering to both Women & Children. Stites has considered The Village for a couple years now as a great location to expand her business. As a result, when Libby & Michael Robold of Yoga for Health Education approached her to take over the organic clothing lines carried in their retail store Green Canopy, Stites jumped at the opportunity.  Read more


Guided Historic Bus Tours

By now, word has traveled about our Guided Historic Building and Tunnel Tours. Hundreds of people have joined us for these walking tours, but the 2 hour long commitment and active mobility requirement doesn’t work for everyone. Not many people know that we have another option for those interested in the history and architecture of the campus, Bus Tours!

Groups of 15 or more arriving on their own bus can arrange a 30 minute Bus Tour, where our knowledgeable guide hops on the bus and shows you around the site! Though the Bus Tour takes less than half the time of our well-known walking tours, guests still enjoy an information packed ride through the history, architecture and beauty of the Village campus.

Hop On Tour MapThe Village at Grand Traverse Commons, formerly the Traverse City State Hospital has a rich history and much to explore. The Bus Tour starts outside of Building 50 travelling South around the Historic Barns, know today as the Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park. Continuing North guests will pass by the Male Cottages built in the early 1900′s, some renovated and others awaiting their time. Heading back towards Cottageview Drive, tourists will travel the length of expansive Building 50, running about a quarter-mile. On Medical Campus Drive, guests will hear of Munson Medical Center and the Traverse City State Hospital’s original Superintendent Dr. Munson. And finally, traveling along Elmwood Avenue, tour participants can catch a glimpse of Building 50 among the Historic Arboretum, one of the largest collections of unique trees in the entire State.

The cost for Bus Tours is $5 per person, but if the group plans to shop, eat or explore The Village Campus after the tour, guests receive a reduced rate of $3 per person.

Please note, we do not have a large vehicle of our own so these tours are only available for groups arriving by bus. Whether a small Celtic shuttle, a school bus or a tour bus, all groups are welcome.

Contact The Minervini Group at 231-941-1900 for more information.


Art on the Walls: Southview

Throughout the years Building 50 has been brought back to life. The thick brick walls, once crumbling with paint have been restored to their intended grandeur. The windows once dark have brightened. And the campus left desolate is now filled with people. 

“Put art on the walls, music in the halls and the people will bring this Building back to life,” said Ray Minervini. And trust him, as we do, he was right.  Read more

Sandy's Kitchen

Faces & Spaces: Sandy Miller

The Village at Grand Traverse Commons is considered home to many interesting people. Their unique experiences & living spaces help tell the story of what makes the Village a community…

Sandy Miller’s apartment in Building 50 exudes absolute tranquility.  It can be felt whether morning fills the windows with natural light or the warm glow from a lamp lights the room in the evening. Sandy’s personality certainly reflects this same peaceful nature, with an appreciation for life and a friendly smile that’s sure to rub off on you. Read more


The Observer Exclusive

The Village at Grand Traverse Commons is home to over a hundred different businesses. From retailers, professional services, dining, wineries and more, the variety is what makes us unique. In our Village Business Spotlight we highlight these businesses and their owners, a group of passionate entrepreneurs. These people and their amazing work are what sparked our newest addition, The Observer Exclusive. Read more


Now Available: The Kirkbride Suite

The Village at Grand Traverse Commons is an ongoing redevelopment project and that means we’re able to introduce new spaces to Traverse City and to our guests on a regular basis. The Kirkbride Suite is one of those places and it stands as an unforgettable launching point for everything that The Village and the Traverse City region has to offer. This dramatic 2,700 square foot, two-level retreat is in the historic 1885 Chapel Building and is now available for short-term rentals. Read more


The Artists in Residence at Cordia

The Members of Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons will enjoy an abundance of amenities living on site. Among those includes easy accessibility and classroom instruction from three local ‘Artists in Residence.’ Mary Kay Burbee, Mark Meyer and Shanny Schmidt were recently selected from a group of talented applicants to be the 2015 Artists in Residence within Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons. Read more


Faces & Spaces: Paul Boel

The Village at Grand Traverse Commons is considered home to many interesting people. Their unique experiences & living spaces help tell the story of what makes the Village a community…

Few people choose to water ski in their fifties, even fewer would attempt it after turning seventy-five, but Paul Boel continued to water ski into his nineties.  Today at 91 years old, Paul is a living example that proves age is just a number. Read more


Compete for the Bocce Cup!

Bocce is a game of precision,  for some that may be a skill and others might rely on luck, but truly it’s all about enjoying a beautiful day with family and friends. The 7th Annual Bocce Ball Tournament will be held on the Historic Front Lawn this Saturday, August 16th from Noon- 5 PM. Over 64 players will compete for the coveted bocce cup, through a series of games on clearly marked courts. Read more